For 8 years the Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Park Society (SLS RPS) has been able to hand out scholarships on behalf of past president John Clarkson and the Clearwater Fund.

Robin Mitchell, General Manager for Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, says the scholarship was designed to support two grade 12 graduating students who show exemplary qualities.

"Every year we put out the applications to any students attending any one of the three high schools here in Cochrane and the committee is judging on what their overall academic has been like, what their athletic has been like involved at Spray, and then the biggest one is what they have actually done in the community for seniors, kids, or schools, whatever that might be."

Mitchell, shares although the board faced a tough decision both Madison Kaczur and Garrett Phaneuf were two well deserving recipients and awarded $1500 each. 

Kaczur who is headed to the U of L says she was honoured to be recognized,"I will be applying it to tuition next year to help offset the costs of university." Phaneuf was also thankful and will use the money toward a degree in Engineering. "It's an hounour to receive this scholarship and be selected out of many other students."