The last appearance of the Smoking Aces was a memorable night of charging the atmosphere of the 2020 New Year's Eve party at the Cochrane Legion Hall.

It's been even longer since the 2015 release of their third album, "Between The Tracks."

Good news! The long wait is over.

The Smoking Aces have reunited to record the new album "Dream Weaver." It's set for release the first week of October and not all of the compositions are in their signature Chicago-style blues.

John White, the heart and soul of the band, has composed 11 new songs for the album that was recorded this spring and summer and is now in the final stages of post-production.

"They're not all blues," says White. "Some of them are touching on country, and some of them don't fit any particular description. We've got a bit of rockabilly in there and a bit of 50s rock n roll."

"The only one that anyone will ever have heard is called 'Jukebox Judy,' which we played for a couple of years. We tried to record it for our last album and it's one of those songs that comes across well live, but it's difficult to catch its flavour in the studio. I think we've managed it this time around."

There have been 20 musicians that have performed with the Smoking Aces over the years, and White reached out to some of them for the recording.

"Look, I've got these songs, they're not all blues, and I want to try to do an album," he told them. "I want to record it myself in my own studio so that it sounds as close as possible to how I hear it in my head."

Formed in March 2011, the Smoking Aces developed a strong following in southern Alberta until taking a step back.

After the Legion Hall gig, they decided to take a break, then COVID hit, and band members went their own way, taking on other projects and playing for different bands. 

This recording session was a reunion and should the album be well received, there's talk of working on another in the second half of 2023.

White has penned many original compositions that have marked their place in Alberta's blues scene. Cuckoo in My Nest, Hand Me Down Angel and their tongue-in-cheek Cowtown Blues are just a few.

Smoking Aces musiciansAppearing on "Dream Weaver" along with vocalist and bassist John White are, clockwise from top left, Kyle Nunweiler, guitar and pedal steel guitar, Dave McRea, guitar, Denis Forest, drums and percussion, and Eugene Kirton, sax and flute.