Twenty-eight dancers from Snap Dance Studios are back from Mexico after a week of sand, sun and dancing. 

The students had the opportunity to perform in a 30-minute variety show in Playa Del Carmen earlier this month, something they've been preparing for since September. 

"It was awesome, it's a different world for them. They tend to perform in front of family and friends and at competitions around the Calgary area so this is completely different, it's an international audience, it's a full theatre of a few hundred people, they loved it, they really thrived, it was great to see." said Studio Director Alison Stutz.

Snap dance

Stutz said "It's incredible to watch your kids dance on a professional stage with professional lighting, but it's really just about the community and the life lessons that they get and the memories that they've made and will remember forever."

The dancers are in the middle of competition season right now, with many of them performing at the University of Calgary this weekend.