A snow squall watch is currently in effect for Cochrane and the surrounding areas. An intense cold front is moving southward across southern Alberta and is expected to produce brief periods of intense snowfall and reduced visibilities.

Drivers are urged to slow down and adjust to winter driving conditions.

Snow squalls cause weather conditions to vary considerably, and changes from clear skies to heavy snow within just a few kilometres are common. Visibility may be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero.

Snow squalls typically pass through areas pretty quickly, but for the time being, we should be prepared for intense driving conditions throughout Cochrane and the surrounding areas.

The risk for snow squalls will diminish early this evening as the front pushes into Montana.

The Snow squall watch is in effect for:

  • Rocky View Co. near Cochrane
  • Mountain View Co. near Carstairs and Stirlingville
  • Mountain View Co. near Cremona and Water Valley
  • Mountain View Co. near Olds and Didsbury
  • Mountain View Co. near Sundre
  • Rocky View Co. near Airdrie and Crossfield
  • Rocky View Co. near Bottrel and Madden