The Social Recovery Task Force survey results have been released and were presented to the town council on Monday night. The online survey was made available to Cochranites from June 12 to 29 and received 552 respondents. The questions were targeted at mental health, personal well-being, and financial impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic.  

The hope is that the data will help with plans for a response strategy to support local residents in need.  Such organizations as FCSS Cochrane Family and Community Support Services will use the data to develop their programs and supports. 

The demographic breakdown of the 552 respondents saw the majority over the age of 31. The highest demographic being 46 to 64 years of age.  There was a higher demographic of female respondents and the majority resided in the town of Cochrane.  

Examples of the survey results showed: 

  • 82% say they have the mental health assistance they need  

  • 71% say they know of the mental health resources in our community 

  • 62% feel a strong or very strong sense of belonging to the community 

Some red flags that will reflect developing outreach support included:  

  • 89% experienced feelings of helplessness, irritability, anger or anxiety; a change in sleep patterns, loss of interest in daily activities or increased use of alcohol or drugs 

  • 87% said the news media had a negative impact on their mental well being 

  • 69% have concerns about family stress from confinement  

  • 35%: have concerns about an increase in disagreements and conflict at home 

  • 3% have concerns about violence in the home 

FCSS manager, Kim Krawec says, “Both surveys actually, clearly showed that the past few months of isolation have taken a big toll on our residents. People are missing family, missing friends and they’re missing community.” 

On the bright side, the whole community seems to be somewhat optimistic with their confidence in Cochrane’s resilience during these COVID times.  

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