It is always important to have a safe and Happy Halloween, and during a pandemic, some added measures are needed.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw says it is possible to keep it safe,  "I believe trick or treating is a safe activity if done outdoors and within a household group. To keep things safe, make sure your child wears a non-medical mask either under their Halloween mask or as a part of their costume. Keep distance from others while you're trick or treating. Encourage your kids to call out Trick or Treat from the sidewalk instead of ringing the bell or knocking."

Dr. Hinshaw asks Albertan's, "Please avoid large gatherings, this is not the year for Halloween parties. Keep your celebration with just your household and cohort no more. Let's keep it small and let's keep it safe."

For those welcoming the Trick or Treaters, she advises, "If you are giving out candy, wear a non-medical mask, and find creative ways to hand out prepackaged candy only. For example, by using tongues or a grabber. I am encouraging people to have fun and use creative solutions."

Upon their return home make sure the Trick or Treaters wash their hands and disinfect packages before their sampling the goodies.

For more AHS Halloween safety guidelines click here

Fire Inspector, Jeff Avery reminds us of the general non-pandemic rules of thumb such as; wear a bright costume, don't dart out from between vehicles, stay in a small group, don't run down alleyways, take a flashlight, and don't eat anything until you get home. 

Halloween 2020 will be a memorable one for numerous reasons with the Hunter's Blue Moon, decent weather, and during a pandemic. It will be unique.

Stay safe and Happy Halloween.