Alberta Seniors 75 and over became eligible to book COVID-19 vaccinations on Wednesday, February 24. 

While many Albertans expressed their frustrations over jammed phone lines and an overwhelmed online booking system, Local Cochrane resident Leslie Crapo says that was far from her experience.

"At 8:00 I phoned and it was busy, I tried to get online for like two minutes and I was like 'oh It's crashing!' says Crapo. "I just waited until I thought let's let the first few runs get through. I think I went in at about 10:30ish and I lucked out."

At 10:30 am, Crapo says that it took her 15 minutes to book an appointment for her 81-year-old mother, who will be receiving her first immunization against COVID-19 at the Cochrane RancheHouse this week.

"I got right in, did it up,  and it was done - March 3 and April 14 for my mom. We're all good!"

Crapo says that she's grateful for the convenience of a local vaccination site, and not having to travel into the city.

"It was really nice because in the program it gives you options where to go, you could probably pick something else but I wanted to stay in Cochrane with her," says Crapo. "It lists times and the soonest time that was available, and there you go."

Crapo says that maybe her successful timing was based on good luck, but she also tried her hand at the booking systems with realistic expectations.

"There was just so many people that are trying to get in, " says Crapo. "If you have realistic expectations, just give it a few days. they're trying their best. I think there's so much negativity out there. We just have to be positive about all the work that these people have put in to put these programs together.”

 As of Saturday, (February 27) 87,695 Albertans have been fully immunized with two doses.