Normally Banff and Lake Louise Tourism would be ramping up for thousands of visitors heading to the mountains for the May long weekend. Not in the year of COVID 19. Since the national parks remain closed so will the town of Banff and as much as they wish to see visitors, they just aren't quite ready yet. Angela Anderson, Media & Communications Banff & Lake Louise Tourism says, "We are aiming for next month, some point in June. It depends on a number of factors and so right now Parks Canada is looking at til at least May 31. Since we are located in the park, we are hoping to work in a really coordinated fashion and welcome people shortly there after." 

Banff's Mayor echoed the sentiment saying, "“The Town of Banff is working on implementing measures in public spaces to enable safety protocols, such as physical distancing requirements,” We are aiming for next month to start to welcome visitors again, but we need this time to prepare appropriately.” 

In the mean time, if you simply must get your Banff fix, there are alternatives. Adventure enthusiasts are invited to explore from home. Explore Banff and Lake Louise virtually by clicking here. From Zoom backgrounds to virtual forest therapy walks and 360 experiences, there are so many ways to bring the mountains home to you.

You are also encouraged to support local Banff businesses online by clicking here.