Southland Transportation is responsible for safely transporting our children to and from school at the best of times, however COVID 19 has added another layer of safety to their agenda.  

Since the provincial government announced that all students will return to school in September, Southland Transportation has be working closely with all the school boards. The company will continue to follow their mandate and commitment to "Safely Home" and will be releasing their Return to School During COVID-19 Plan within the next couple of weeks. 

Southland’s Regional Director, Craig Loose says, "The Alberta government did share many practices that should be followed in their guidance plan. There is room for some degree of latitudes by various school boards so we are working independently with each school board to make sure that those specific plans, that we have, align with their expectations."

Loose also says, "In June, BC schools resumed on an optional basis and we do have a sister company that does busing operations there and were extremely successful. So we are fortunate to draw upon those experiences and use a lot of the same protocols that they have in place within our plan."

Southland is in the process of finalizing the specifics of their plan and will share the details with the public in the very near future. You can rest assured that 91.5 CochraneNow will keep you informed on the rest of the story.