The Bow Valley Bobcats may have lost on the field but the Blue and Gold spirit they created charged the atmosphere of their Friday night game.

The sideline was packed for their Sept. 9 home opener against the Croxford Cavaliers and is believed to be their highest attendance ever.

Head coach Dustin Paul, also a Bobcat alumnus, says they intend to keep building the team spirit and make every home game special.

There were food trucks, music, and their selection of new Bobcat merchandise all but sold out with more coming.

"Honestly, I'm still kind of riding a high from Friday night," says Paul. "Even after the game, talking to the guys in the locker room, it wasn't like anybody was down on themselves. Everybody was super happy, super positive. I've been coaching a long time, and that's the best I've ever felt after a loss."

"The all-around energy, atmosphere, everything, like that was just something I don't recall at any Bobcats game. It's something I want to keep going for years to come."

The Bobcats scored a touchdown late in the second quarter to make it a 10-7 game against the W. H. Croxford Cavaliers. The Cavaliers took control in the second half and went on to a 24-7 win.

Paul says it came down to a couple of broken plays and blown assignments.

"There are just a few minor details to work on this week, and then we're back at it Friday afternoon against Cochrane High."

Kick-off is 4 p.m.