Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw says provincial sports guidelines are currently in the works.

Provincial officials met with sports organizations last Friday to get their feedback on sports guidelines as Alberta moves forward with its relaunch strategy.

Areas of sports, fitness, and recreation are currently not included in stage two of the relaunch, however, Hinshaw says they are continuing to evaluate and that could change.

"We are looking to pull together a proposal to bring forward to our emergency management cabinet committee to have a discussion about reclassifying areas of sports, fitness, and recreation that could be moved sooner potentially, depending on if the guidelines are met," she says.

The sports guidelines are expected to be posted online by the end of this week.

"When it comes to outdoor recreation, certainly any sports organization that can have their activities meet those current outdoor recreation guidelines can start that right away. And those who perhaps there might be some challenges meeting the current outdoor recreation guidelines, the sports guidelines that are coming by the end of this week will help give some guidelines on how sports can resume safely."

Current guidelines allow up to 50 people to gather outdoors as long physical distancing of at least two metres is maintained. Soccer pitches, ball diamonds, sports courts, and golf courses have reopened, however league play is still not permitted.

"We recognize the importance of sports, recreation, and fitness, and so that's something that we're prioritizing, both with the guidelines that are coming out this week as well as the discussion that we intend to have with the emergency management Cabinet Committee on a potential reclassification," Hinshaw says.