Temperatures in Cochrane have been flip-flopping between winter and spring for the last couple of weeks.

With more snow in the forecast, Cochranites want to know, "When can we expect spring to truly arrive?"

Well, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Sarah Hoffman, we are going to have to sit tight for another couple of weeks!

Hoffman says "It will be more back and forth but by the middle of this week we'll have temperatures at or slightly above seasonal for this time of year, but by the end of this week we'll be back to those cooler temperatures again."

Hoffman says that while we will see a few days of seasonal temperatures, our conditions and temperatures will generally be below average for the next couple of weeks.

She says "There's a very cold anomaly over the Prairies. It's looking like there's a very high probability of much below temperatures across the Canadian prairies right out until April 21st."

Easter may very well be just a few days away, but Cochranites seem to have embraced the cold and extra time spent indoors by turning on their Christmas lights!

Adaptability is certainly the name of the game these days.