Cochrane RCMP is on Day 13 of morning, afternoon and evening CheckStops.

Out in full force since December 1, Cochrane RCMP and the Cochrane Integrated Traffic Unit have been set up in a variety of locations throughout the Cochrane area to make sure motorists are not impaired behind the wheel.

Constable Mike Warman says he is optimistic that numbers are down. Stopping roughly 1100 vehicles so far, Warman is hopeful the trend continues. "We have been quite successful and they are showing good numbers in that people are listening. The numbers are surprising but not as surprising as I thought they would be." The warm weather could be attributed to lower numbers, shares Cst. Warman. "People are able to walk home from their evening parties or the bar or wherever they are coming from rather than risk it and trying to drive that short distance or across town or wherever they are going."

So far RCMP has been successful in removing ten impaired drivers off the roads, handed out three 72-hour suspensions, and found close to 30 vehicles with booze on board. "The numbers are there, people are still drinking and driving but at least the numbers are down for that many vehicles checked. I want to say that it is a good thing." 

Warman, shares they did stop a couple vehicles where drug charges were laid as well.

As we move into the last big weekend of Christmas parties, Cst. Warman can't stress how important it is to preplan. "If you are going to drink at your Christmas party, get cabs, designated drivers, there are many programs out there. Throughout our CheckStops we did see a number of different programs I am sure some put on by MADD Canada or Keys Please, they will come and drive your vehicle home."

If you are thinking of blasting the CheckStop location on social media, Cst. Warman says while it is not against the law perhaps ask yourself who you are really helping?! "What are you trying to solve? The harsh reality is impaired drivers kill people and we want to try to get those people off the road."

CheckStops will continue and don't worry there are measures in place to catch those who think they can beat the system. In the end the message continues, "don't drink and drive, be safe, everyone wants to go home for the holidays."


Be Safe As We Approach the Holiday Season