It is anticipated to be a busy Hallow's Eve this year as it is the first in two years without restrictions. 

Plus, the forecast is cooperating so that means there will be many trick-or-treaters out on Cochrane streets tonight. 

Cochrane Fire Services Fire Inspector, Jeff Avery says, "The biggest thing is to be visible. The black costumes and the dark costumes are very difficult for motorists to see. So, if you are driving around use extreme caution tonight. Kids are not going to be using crosswalks they are just too excited, they are going to be all over the streets so just be really, really careful." 

Avery adds, "If you are out trick or treating with friends, avoid the dark areas like the back-alleys travel with groups, and do not get separated from that group."

It is hard to wait, but another important safety rule is not to eat any of your candy until you get home and your parents have had a chance to check it over. "Unfortunately, Cochrane is not immune to seeing some tainted candy being handed out, which is very unfortunate," says Avery. 

The good news for folks that wish to have a fire pit or fire table on their driveway there are no fire advisories or warnings in place to impede that Halloween tradition. 

It is sure to be a fun night if everyone remembers to follow the simple rules to stay safe and Avery says, "The best rule of all is to have a great time tonight."