With the onset of summer and the initiation of phase two of the relaunch, folks are wondering if garage sales are a go in Cochrane.

The short answer is no.

David Humphrey, fire chief and ECC director, says garage sales are not currently allowed in Cochrane.

Dr Deena Hinshaw is not crazy about garage sale events, either.

"I would support the organizations that are encouraging people to hold back on garage sales this summer," says Hinshaw.

She believes such events pose a risk to the spread of COVID 19.

"There is definitely risk inherent both in the selling of one's belongings and as well as having multiple people who possibly wouldn't otherwise interact in close proximity of each other. You have a lot of different surfaces that somebody has there belongings out on tables wanting to sell them. It's unclear if they would have had the opportunity to disinfect all of those belonging before putting them out."

There is no clear indication of when garage sales will be reinstated.