The Great 2022 Cochrane Outhouse Races are coming up fast this Sunday, August 28.  

The return of the much-loved community event will be enthusiastically welcomed by all.  

There is still space available for teams to enter and make their mark on the fun event.  

Ryan Baum, Chair of Rocky Mountain Rotary says, "It's been a little slower traction of getting people registered, so we would love for anyone to jump in and have some fun. Either way, we're going to have the event. If, you know, if we have a few carts, we're going to have some fun with a few carts and if we have lots of carts, we're going to do that as well. So, either way, we want to get the community together.” 

Aside from the fun aspect, Cochrane Outhouse Races proceeds go to support great local initiatives including the Glenbow Ranch Foundation Summer Camp for Kids. Baum says, “It was a project we decided as  Rocky Mountain Rotary Club to support and it supports some of our local kids to go to camp in the summer, which is amazing and the funds go toward both, you know, helping the camp financially as well as helping the children.” 

The second initiative is supporting various charities of the Rocky Mountain Rotary Club. Baum says, “We chartered on May 13 and of this year and in the past, we were formerly the Young Professional Rotary Club of Cochrane and what we decided to do is we would raise funds that come from locally that would go back locally. We were so fortunate, you know, and during the pandemic to be able to raise $60,000 towards the food banks projects, which was great, but what it also did is it limited it to one organization versus you know, there were so many in need at that time.” 

If you want to take part in the race, there are some requirements for the participating outhouses and all the specs and rules can be found on the Rocky Mountain Rotary website. Essentially, you need three walls, a roof, and four people. Three to pull the outhouse and one to be sitting inside. There are two categories fun and speed.  

Baum says it is all about having fun, bringing people together, and supporting worthy causes.