Residential street cleaning will be starting on Monday, May 4.  The cleaning will require a little more coordinating this year because of the impacts of COVID 19.  There will no "No Parking" signs put up due to the working restrictions that are place on town staff.

Considering there are so many Cochranites home these days, the issue of finding off-street parking to allow for the sweepers could be an issue. Parking will be allowed in alleyways on the days of cleaning.

  • Notification signs will be put up in neighbourhood entrances 48 hours prior to sweeping allowing residents ample time to find alternate parking.
  • Residents are also reminded to remove curb ramps and make sure hockey and basketball nets are on private property. One of the benefits of cleaning winter debris off the roads keeps it from washing into the creeks and rivers which in turn means cleaning drinking water.
  • If you sweep your dirt off your driveway into the street away from the curb prior to the sweepers arrival, they will scoop it up. 
  • Each subdivision will be scheduled for a three day block instead of one to ensure a thorough sweep and flexibility for weather and mechanical issues.
  • Also a reminder that sweeping causes a significant amount of dust so you are reminded to keep windows closed during your street's scheduled cleaning. 

For the full schedule click here