"Name it, don't numb it out."

May 3rd to 9th is Mental Health Week, and while it's promoted annually, it's receiving special attention this year as we continue our struggle against the pandemic.

"One of the biggest impacts that have come out of COVID is the impact it has had on mental health," says FCSS director Kim Krawac. "We're all consumed with worry and with fear and with the toll isolation has taken on us."

"One of the most important things for good mental health is for people to have that strong connection to other people and community. That's one of the hardest things over the past year is we've lost a lot of that connection. So, we're trying to send out ideas on how to continue to make those connections, even though we can't do it in our normal traditional ways."

She explains they want to get the conversation going for the entire month of May.

"We're just really trying to get people talking because a lot of times mental health is something we never talk about at all, never. One of the positive things that have come out of COVID is we're talking about it now."

A Cochrane Mental Health Awareness Week Facebook page has been launched that will be up for the entire month of May.

"On that page, people will find tips to promote good mental health, self-care tips, strategies, and resources. We didn't want to just keep it to one week because it's a much bigger topic than that."

A variety of organizations are providing posts.

"The feed is going to grow we're hoping really quite large, with different organizations populating, and people interacting. We're hoping to create a social media hub around mental health."

Click here to visit the page.

David IrvineOn Monday, David Irvine is leading a streamed presentation entitled, "Bouncing forward into well-being: Making the comeback better than the setback." (Photo courtesy of David Irvine)

On Monday, May 3 at 7 p.m., David Irvine will be leading a live-streamed session entitled, "Bouncing forward into well-being: Making the comeback better than the setback."

Krawac calls Irvine a passionate and inspiring speaker.

"Basically, he's going to be there to inspire the community to start talking about mental health, and to make sure it's a priority for every single one of us."

You can stream it on Zoom by entering ID: 854 3985 9192, Passcode: #getreal.

It's also available on YouTube.

There's also a Cochrane scavenger hunt for the entire family. It's a chance to rediscover, explore and ultimately, have fun while adventuring in our own backyard. Click here for details.

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