Students at the Windsong Heights School in Airdrie have created a book for a very special member of the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary. "Horton Hears Our Howls" is written and illustrated by students of all different ages and features a style very similar to Dr. Suess. 

The book is being sold at Windsong Heights School and the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary, with all proceeds going towards the care of Horton and the other wolfdogs who call the sanctuary home. 

Alyx Harris, the manager of the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary says that the book is one of the more unique gifts they have received. “ No, this is definitely a first and it's been a really cool project because the school has been supporting the sanctuary and sponsoring Horton and doing other types of things to kind of get the word out about us. They came up with this big project and it was really, really cool to get to be a part of and kind of watch it comes to life."

"Our guy Horton is a very unique wolf dog at the sanctuary, and he actually has Irish Wolfhound mixed with his wolf content so he's a pretty interesting boy. Now as far as for Horton and how he came to the sanctuary. He's actually from what's commonly known as the Milk River Hoarding Seizures. Unfortunately, back in about 2015 in Milk River, Alberta, there was a woman that was hoarding about 200 plus canines on her property. Most of them were dogs, a lot of the larger breed dogs, and a handful of them were wolf dogs. Horton was one of those wolf dogs and he was just really neglected and malnourished and may be abused, chained up, and just in horrible conditions."

Horton has been doing well since joining his new home." He has made leaps and bounds, but he's still a pretty shy and timid guy but it's been so nice to have him here at the sanctuary" 

Evan is a student of Windsong Heights School and the author of "Horton Hears Our Howls" and he says that he and his fellow students believed it was important to raise money for Horton. "I thought writing a book about his life would help raise some money for him because he came from such a bad place"

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