Summer break is getting closer every day, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops for students.

Many organizations in Cochrane have open registration for summer camps- a good way to get kids unplugged and energized.

Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre is one of those organizations, running nine different themed Fit Kids camps this summer.

Mikki Shatosky, SLSFSC Program Coordinator says camps are a different way to entertain kids.

“It’s about unplugging, turning off the Game Boys, and TVs and stuff like that."

Shatosky thinks summer camps are all about trying new things.

“That’s the big thing, getting children active, have them trying new sports because they’re going to find something that they really like.”

All camps are led by university students, and include weekly out trips to take children off site and get them outdoors.

The Town of Cochrane is also looking to fill spots in their summer camp programs. Karla Powell, Town of Cochrane, Recreation, Arts, and Culture Summer Programmer, says it's a good opportunity for kids to get outside.

"There's lots of really great opportunities to take kids outside, adventure in the Cochrane Ranche and go on some great excursions," she explains. "We just booked Glenbow Ranch for a couple of days to go out there and do their archaeology program. So we're really doing lots of things around Cochrane, but also taking as many opportunities as we can to show kids how they can play outside in different ways."

The home base for Town Of Cochrane Summer Camps will be the RancheHouse Theatre and will also offer before and aftercare from 8-9 a.m., and 4-5 p.m.

Powell shares there is room left in many camps, as a slow economy has decreased registrations.

"We offer affordable programs, so we're still promoting and trying to get more people to register, our numbers are a bit smaller this year, so that means we have a few more spots open for the summer."

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