91.5 CochraneNow and Cochrane McDonald’s threw on some sunglasses and cruised up to Sunset Ridge today to hit up Sunset Ridge Pharmacy with the McCafe Coffee Break. Every Wednesday, the McCafe Coffee Break spoils a local business with splendid McCafe coffee and tasty treats. 

You can nominate a Cochrane business here and this was the nomination that we received for Sunset Ridge Pharmacy. "Reid , Anita and Kristine go way above and beyond with all of us retirees in Sunset Square. They deliver prescriptions to a lot of the Senior residents . Make donations to our events and make us feel like a big family. They know everyone on a first name basis and treat us fantastic. " 

Each and every week, you will find CochraneNow and Cochrane McDonald’s bounding around Cochrane, giving out free McCafe coffee and pastries. You can nominate a business for The McCafe Coffee Break here.