A recent survey has confirmed that a lot of people already knew that Canadians are feeling stressed from soaring inflation. 

Unfortunately, Cochrane is not immune to the rising inflation that is affecting so many.  

Just this week, the price at the pumps rose to $1.91.9 per litre coupled with rising utility bills and food prices, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet.  

Terri Lauer, a resource worker with the Cochrane Family Resource Network, says, “What I’m hearing for many families is their current income is being eaten away by the increase in food, the increase in utility bills, gas prices so their incomes are not going up at the same rate as the inflation is.” 

Another challenge that is being experienced in our area is finding affordable housing. Kim Krawec, Manager of Cochrane Family & Community Support Services says there are, “Definite challenges in this area with families struggling with rising rent increases even finding an affordable place to live is incredibly challenging right now in our community. Lauer adds, “When you look at the vacancy rate it’s very very low so there’s a lot of competition for those particular places, so it’s supply and demand and all the economics that surround that formula that definitely impacts things, it’s a big one.” 

The good news is there are many resources available through Cochrane FCSS and the Family Resource Network to help and support residents that are struggling. Krawec says, “The first step is making that phone call and reaching out for that support. That’s often the most challenging part, is making that initial phone call and once they are connected to us, we work really hard to make sure people are aware of the supports and resources and get connected to them.” 

Krawec hopes that residents will realize that people are not alone in their struggles, this is a challenging time for a lot of people. “Reaching out for help is critical right now, as a community we need to support each other.” 

Some examples of resources available through FCSS and the Family Resource Network include:   

Financial Supports  

Food and Essentials 

Health and Mental Wellness 


Call FCSS at 403-851-2250