The COVID-19 outbreak has taken its toll on many; physically, emotionally and financially.

Local businesses are feeling added pressure in wake of this pandemic to try and stay afloat.

While doing their part to help keep their customers and employees healthy, many businesses are struggling to cover their ongoing expenses such as rent and paying employee salaries. 

Shawna-Kay Thomas is the Communications Specialist for the Better Business Bureau, and she says that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting business sectors across the board.

Thomas says "It goes from your home improvement contractors, daycare providers, your cleaners, but there's also those who do graphic design work for you, your accounting firm, those who do the books, those companies are also being impacted. Many of them may be closing, they may be laying off staff."

Thomas says there are many ways to continue to support local businesses that doesn't involve any out of pocket spending.

She says "This includes writing an online review, so just going to their website, giving them a review there. You can 'like' and 'share' them on social media because this helps with giving them more audience and giving them exposure." 

Thomas goes on to say that you can "Simply give them a call, send them a message on social media and say you appreciate their work and you're here to support them. Let them feel appreciated."