A grain terminal in Southwest Saskatchewan was part of a record-setting event last week. 

SWT (South West Terminal)  loaded CP's largest grain train from a single elevator out of its facility at Gull Lake.

General Manager is Monty Reich says they loaded a 224 hopper car train in about 24 hours over two days, sending 22 thousand tonnes of durum to Thunder Bay. 

With this train, a new record has been set for the largest grain train loaded and launched on the Canadian Prairies from SWT's Antelope siding location. 

Reich says they recently completed a major 8500-foot track expansion, which allows them more flexibility to load large trains.

 "We've got enough space now to handle about 450 hopper cars. So we were pretty excited to see that CP was interested in trying to pull the largest train that they could out of a single point origination and send it off to Thunder Bay. "

Reich says because of the facility's location between the CP line and the Number 1 Highway they had to go with the ladder-style track expansion versus a loop track. 

He notes it all came together nicely, adding it took them about 24 hours, over a couple of days, to load the 224 hopper car train.

CP's Joan Hardy, Vice-President Sales, and Marketing for Grain and Fertilizers say SWT’s investment is creating capacity for grain farmers and the entire supply chain.