It's not just students and parents feeling a bit of nerves as schools prepare to reopen again, teachers are trying to prep and plan for the new school year with a lot of unknowns. 

Cochranite Natalie Roy who teaches at Conseil scolaire FrancoSud, a francophone school division in Calgary says she was caught a little off guard during Tuesday's announcement from Premier Jason Kenney and feels like there's still a lot of unanswered questions. 

"A little nervous about heading back. What kind of protective wear we might have to wear or how it is going to have to be with students and management. What kinds of things am I going to have to manage whether it's keeping their masks on or keeping their distance."

When it comes to PPE and what will and won't be provided, Roy says there's not a clear answer for that either. 

"I don't think that it should be up to the teacher to provide that especially with the fact that it's been out of stock and it's been really hard to find. I know that you can make your own but I feel as though it should be something that's provided by the schools or by the government. It's an investment so that we don't end up in another lock down."

The province has said that children won't be required to wear masks while in schools.

But Roy says she will still opt to wear a mask which will likely present some challenges.

"That's a huge concern. I would definitely feel more comfortable wearing a mask. But I feel like it'll bring on new challenges with kids maybe not feeling comfortable with you because they can't see your face, and classroom management and delivery. There's going to be a lot of challenges but I absolutely think safety first and i'm going to be opting to wear one."

In the Rocky View School Division, the school board says it'll press pause on any extracurricular lunchtime and after school programs at this time, but regular curricular components that take place during regular school hours, such as phys-ed, will still take place for now.

Roy says "Within my division I have heard phys-ed classes will probably be held outdoors for the entire school year, until further notice. I have heard some concerns from phys-ed teachers that that's going to be very difficult, not only because of the temperature but just conditions, if it's slippery outside, it's going to make things very difficult."

"And whether the kids are properly dressed for the conditions, so that's going to be a huge concern for my fellow phys-ed teachers."