There's a lot that we can say about 2020 when it comes to the negative things. 

But, if you take a moment to think about it I bet there's some pretty good stuff too. 

2020 will definitely be one for the books, a year that we can tell our grandchildren about.

With all of the shut downs and cancellations it allowed me to spend way more time exploring my own backyard with my family. We have never done so many hikes, bike rides and walks in and around Cochrane. 

We typically camp in BC & Montana, but we stuck to Alberta in the summer and we loved it. The water was a bit cooler, but we still found some hidden gems and we enjoyed the commute a lot more.

We were forced to go through the year at a slower pace, and at times it was frustrating, but I think it made us all appreciate some of the more simpler things. 

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~ Lauren