The number of active COVID-19 cases has been climbing at an alarming rate across the province. Here in Cochrane, we hit the double digits on November 9, and the mandatory mask bylaw went into effect for indoor public spaces as well as public transit.

The subject of face coverings has been controversial since day one, with many Cochranites standing opposed to wearing them. So, how are Cochranites responding to the newly implemented bylaw?

Well, Devin Lefleche is the special projects planner for Colt, Cochrane's On-Demand Local Transit system, and he says that over the last 10 days there haven't been any issues with compliance on board.

"So far we have 100 per cent compliance," says LaFleche. "We have a tracking sheet with the drivers, they're wearing masks at all times on the bus so I think they're setting quite a good example, and to date no complaints from the drivers about people not complying with the mask bylaw."

LaFleche says that most riders are taking the initiative, and are already wearing a mask before hopping on the bus. He says that disposable masks are always on hand though, for those who forget.

"Every bus has a stock of masks that we can hand out," says LaFleche. "People tend to be coming with their own reusable mask, so that's great to see, but we do have a supply of masks to hand out at all of our ticket sales locations as well as on the bus."

LaFleche says that Colt does have a protocol in place for riders that choose not to comply.

"Drivers, they educate. They contact their superior, we contact municipal enforcement and we follow it through that way."

So far those steps haven't had to be taken. LaFleche says that it is a testament to Colt riders who want to keep themselves safe, as well as others on board.