For the first time in four decades the annual Terry Fox run will look look very different. 

Lindsay Regier, Event Organizer for the Cochrane Terry Fox Run says the event, like so many others is going virtual.

"This is the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope since Terry first started his run across Canada. So this year for the first time ever the run will be going virtual, so it's going to look a little different. But, Terry Foxer's all over the world will be united together in spirit this year as opposed to in person, which we normally are."

Regier says holding this event is more important this year than ever. 

"Cancer research is not something that can wait because of COVID-19 and I think we've all realized even more so now, how important our health is. It's not something that you want to just let go one year because it is so important and just the ability to be able to switch to virtual this year is really great and it's nice because it adds a bit of flexibility."

Regier says even though there won't be a big event for people to participate in together, a lot of the components of the event are still the same. 

"We of course encourage people to register in advance and collect donations. That is for them to go out and do whatever they choose for that day so if you want to walk or bike or roller blade, that's up to you as long as on September 20 you get out and support the cause."

They've set some big fundraising goals again for 2020. 

"Last year was actually a great year, we broke a record for Cochrane so we raised just over $15,000 last year which was a first. Even though the run has shifted to something different this year, we're still hoping we can at least meet or exceed that record this year and really celebrate the 40th anniversary in style."

Since the annual run began 40 years-ago, there has been over $800 Million raised for the Terry Fox Foundation. 

The virtual run will be held on Sunday, Sept. 20. 

Regier is encouraging Cochranites to register for the event and start fundraising now.