The well-known Children's Hospital Lottery has kicked off for another year and has over 1, 200 prizes up for grabs.

As always, the grand prize is a luxury showhome with all the bells and whistles, plus a hefty cash prize. This year's lottery home is nestled in the lake community of Harmony in Rocky View County and it's valued at $1.5 million.

Harmony is the home of the world-class Mickelson National Golf Club and future Nordic Spa. If you'd like to try your hand in winning the luxury showhome along with the $10, 000 grand prize you still have time to snatch up your tickets and support a great cause.

Liz Ballendine is the Vice President of the Children's Hospital Lottery and she says that the annual lottery plays a significant role in supporting the Children's Hospital. 

She says "The lottery has supported us for almost 30 years, over the years it's supported everything from programs to research to equipment."

Ballendine says that the proceeds from this year's lottery will aid the Special Children's Fund at the hospital, which she believes couldn't have come at a more crucial time given circumstances surrounding the pandemic. 

She says "It helps families that come to the hospital and need extra help with paying for food or transport or even extra help with medications or equipment when they go home. So it really is a great way through this really strange time to show great support for all families and all children."

Lottery proceeds in the past have largely contributed to the purchase of new hospital equipment, intensive research and overall patient and family care.

The hospital has launched newborn testing for Cystic Fibrosis across Canada, which has been made possible through the Children's Hospital Lottery.  The annual lottery has also allowed the hospital to purchase next-generation DNA Sequencers which Ballendine says are leading the path to personalized medicine. 

Lottery tickets are $100 each, you can purchase five for $250 or snatch up 16 tickets for $400. The early bird deadline is July 30th, for an RV getaway package valued at $305,433. The final deadline to purchase lottery tickets is August 21st.

You can purchase your Children's Hospital Lottery tickets HERE.