The Cochrane and Area Humane Society has a full house with several dogs, cats, and even bunnies looking for homes.

Lisa Kedian, Communications Coordinator for the Cochrane Humane Society says that a full shelter does not mean they are turning animals away. “We still get animals coming through our doors every day. So that is why we are reaching out and hoping that if there's anybody out there that is looking to add a furry companion to your family, now is a great time.”

“We are trying to make more room so we can continue to bring in animals that need medical care or that just need to be or have the opportunity for adoption.”

bunniesCarrot & Chedda are looking for a new home (Photos - Cochrane & Area Humane Society)

All the animals up for adoption are available here. Due to COVID-19, the shelter is closed for public walk-in’s and adoptions are by appointment only.

“We're working hard looking after all the animals and looking through all the applications that are coming in. Our priority is always the animals and making sure we can find a good home for them.”

While it is always ill-advised to surprise someone with a pet for the holidays. This time of year can be ideal for someone who is prepared and has thought about everything that comes with having a new family member. The extra time off coming for many Cochranites is perfect to help accommodate and introduce your family to the new pet.

Anyone looking to book an appointment to meet a new four-legged best friend can contact the Humane Society here.