Cochrane’s Social Recovery Task Force has been working over the course of the pandemic to help Cochranite’s cope with the stress caused by the global pandemic. 

In continuing with that mandate, the task force is very pleased to bring the highly acclaimed Alberta psychologist, best-selling author, and speaker Dr. Jody Carrington to Cochrane.

Dr. Carrington will be speaking on the topic of Grief and the Pandemic.

Dr. Jody says, “For so many of us, we have been in this survival mode since this pandemic began. So, we are coming on to a year of really a heightened state of arousal not just in one community or in response to an earthquake or a fire, but globally. People have been concerned about their physical safety their emotional safety, their financial security in how you navigate teaching from home working from home. All of these stressors that we knew nothing about a year ago today.”

Dr. Carrington is looking forward to speaking with our community and will lend her expertise and animated voice to the task of helping us cope with the stresses caused by the pandemic. She wants to bring awareness to the fact that we are all tired and we need to lean on each other even though we are tired.

Carrington says one of her favourite quotes is from Ram Dass: “We’re all just walking each other home.” However, as the doctor points out because we have all been in this crisis together for close to a year, we are all tired and it is hard to do that.

Our teachers our police officers our leaders are all regulated people are expected to walk us home, but they too are exhausted as is the whole world.  Since Dr. Jody was a young girl she has had the dream of wanting to help and that is what she wants to do when she visits our community virtually.

Dr. Jody believes that we are wired to be connected and her speaking series will bring Cochranites together to work at facing the tough issue of grief as it pertains to all the losses we have faced in the past year.

The online session with Dr. Jody is open to everyone and it is free. It will take place on Tuesday January 26 at 7 p.m.

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