While Cochrane has been enjoying mild weather for the start of 2021,  for Cochranites who do not have a warm place to sleep at night, the freezing wind and plummeting overnight temperatures can be unbearable. The Coldest Night Of The Year is a virtual 2021 event aiming to help community members in need.

Chairra Nicolle, The Executive Director for Helping Hands Society of Cochrane & Area explains what the event is all about. “Helping Hands is participating in The Coldest Night Of The Year which over 150 organizations and charities throughout Canada are participating in this year. It is to raise awareness for the hurt, the hungry, and the homeless, which clients for Helping Hands fall into some of those categories, unfortunately, and there is a lot of need in Cochrane. As our community is growing we're seeing that need increase, especially with COVID hitting and financial situations.”

Featuring both 2 Km and 5 Km walks, The Coldest Night Of The Year hosts walking teams experiencing a night walk on February 20, 2021. Captains are welcome to build their own teams or you can also join in on already established teams.

“Everyone can participate, whether it's walking 2K in your house, whether it is donating, supporting, cheering people on, kids can get involved, families can get involved, really anybody can get involved in this.”

Nicolle says this event will be raising funds for Cochranites who could really use the help right now. “I know that a lot of times there's a bit of our perception that perhaps Cochrane doesn't have a lot of homeless or individuals who are struggling but that is definitely not the case, we just don't see it as much but it is definitely a need that we're seeing in the community especially through Helping Hands where we serve, low income, injured, those with disabilities or seniors.”

Anyone interested in participating can create or join a team for The Coldest Night Of The Year here.