A local Women's Shelter has been making large strides in our Community.

Since their inception in 2016, Big Hill Haven has been hard at work, with one fundamental vision

"To ensure our community is free of domestic violence."

The haven strives to provide a wide range of support to help women and children to overcome the damaging effects of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse and has already assisted more than one hundred and fifty women and children living with domestic violence.

Their aim has always been to serve as a refuge for women and children living with abuse and provide a place where they can obtain professional help in a secure and confidential setting.

Margaret Van Tighem is a Co-Founder of Big Hill Haven and says that domestic violence statistics are shocking to most. 

"A lot of people aren't aware that the issue is as big as it is. It's kind of like a silent unspoken thing that's happening in the community. One in two women have experienced incidents of physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime. Three hundred and forty domestic violence cases opened in Cochrane and area in 2017, those were active cases with the RCMP; and then in 2018 with the RCMP there was a seventy one per cent increase in domestic related calls."

Big Hill Haven is currently working on the final phase of their 3 stage action plan, and some of their recent accomplishments include: implementing a response plan for victims of domestic violence, and raising $250,000 in capital and operational funds.

Big Hill Haven is now working with Town of Cochrane & Developers to explore the various options available to build a structure capable of expansion, generating revenue and growing with the needs of our community.