Cochrane McDonald’s and CochraneNow teamed up today to treat the Cochrane Animal Clinic with the McCafe Coffee Break! The staff was so excited when we walked in and surprised them with hot McCafe coffee and lovely treats and told us that we came at the perfect time, just as they were winding down from a huge morning rush.

We receive nominations for the McCafe Coffee Break here, and this is the nomination that got us to go to Cochrane Animal Clinic. “Dr. Tara and her team took phenomenal care of our beloved cat in the last months of his life. They were caring and compassionate with my spouse and me when our Captain was diagnosed with cancer in March and offered constant support while managing their clinic during COVID-19. The team knew Captain by name when we called and were familiar with his case. Captain tragically passed away at the beginning of July, and the team there became out support network by allowing us to come in and just talk about his care, life, and what Captain meant to them and us. You cannot find a better, more compassionate group of humans who share their love for animals by helping the animal's family.”

Every Wednesday, you will find 91.5 CochraneNow and Cochrane Mcdonald's driving around town and treating local businesses with The McCafe Coffee Break. If you know a local business that deserves a McCafe Coffee Break, nominate them here.