With spring underway and summer just around the corner, the time is right to check the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s long-range forecast.  

The Almanac has been around since 1792. It is the oldest continuously published periodical in North America, and claims an 80 per cent accuracy rate, which warrants a look.   

Jack Burnett, the Managing Editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac tells 91.5 Cochrane Now that we are going to be, “A little bit warmer a little bit rainier but not by much. What we are looking for this month (May)for example to be a little bit wetter by about 30 mm which on the overall scale of things isn’t that much. About 3-3.5 degrees warmer for the rest of this month. Hopefully, that will work out for everybody get the gardens and the fields going.” 

The Alamanc says for June we will see a little less rain than normal, but Burnett says,” None of this stuff is off the scale, nothing to worry about. The average temperature in June is about 15.5 degrees. 

July, will be a little bit cooler and a little bit wetter than normal but nothing to worry about. Burnett thinks it will be a good summer for growing, vacationing, and, outdoor activities saying, “I don’t have any bad news to bring you in that regard.” 

Later in the summer and into September, the prediction is slightly more rain than normal, 10-20 mm more so not too much. A little bit cooler by one or two degrees. Burnett says, “In the world of weather, that’s really not all that much once you average across several months.”