Monday evening saw history made here in Cochrane as the very first pride week in the town’s history commences. A small crowd of Cochranites gathered outside of The Ranche House donned in rainbow facemasks and colourful clothing to celebrate the raising of the Progress Pride flag. 

Mayor Jeff Genung says that the response from the community ever since they announced Pride Week has been great. “I've been overwhelmed with positive emails and calls and messages from the entire community just saying well for one, how come it took you so long, and you know, I mean Renita spoke to it in her speech today about it's just because no one's really asked before.”

“What a great year to do it, we've been in a year of saying no and you can't, and you can't do this. To celebrate something is just a nice feeling.”

Kindred Cochrane Pride Society organized pride week, and there are plans to have events all week long to celebrate diversity

Town councillor Marni Fedeyko has been working with Kindred Cochrane to make pride week a reality and says that it is a milestone for the community. “It's a big day for Cochrane! I think it speaks volumes, the amount of people that are here, not just the LGBTQ2+ community, but it's inclusion for all, and I'm happy to see that happen here.”

“It really is about everybody here in Cochrane; it doesn't matter what colour you are or what your orientation might be or your religion. Everybody here is welcome, and I hope that everybody that comes to Cochrane can see how great our community is first hand because that's really what it's all about. “

The Progress Pride flag includes the original rainbow pride flag but also features the blue, white, and pink of the trans flag and black and brown stripes for LGBTQ2+ communities of colour.

Check out the video below.