Witches and Halloween go hand in hand and that means it is the perfect time for local, published author Rebecca Brae to share her latest book, "The Witch's Diary". 

It is Brae's third book, which is a fantasy novel suitable for older teens and adults. It is written in diary form which made the writing process a little easier for Brae, as she could write bits at a time. The writing style is beneficial at this time in her life as she is the mother of an active toddler.  

Brae shares a bit of the plot line from "The Witch's Diary", "It follows Hester Wishbone who is a new graduate of Grimoire College. She has been working her dream job, but (chuckles) burns out her magic in a drunken bet with her best friend one night and wakes up with no magic. So, she has to figure out what kind of a witch she can be now that she has lost her magic." How it all plays out is meant for you to read.  

Rebecca Brae's first two novels, "Chaos Bound" and "Curse Bound" are a part of an urban fantasy trilogy. The story is about a high school student who discovers magic. Brae says the novels are popular among the older teen audience who will no doubt enjoy the local background in the stories. She says the setting is, "Not called Cochrane, we've called it Coldwater, but you'll notice as you're reading there's some familiar landmarks." 

You are invited to spend an evening with Rebecca Brae on Tuesday October 27, at the Cochrane Public Library.  She doing an author talk on "The Witch's Diary" as well as, she would be happy to speak to aspiring writers who are looking to get published as she might be able to offer some advice.  Brae has done both routes of traditional and self-publishing.  She says, “So I can talk to both of those things." Rebecca will also do a short talk on Hekate the Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic who is a character in the book.  

You are asked to register for the evening through the library and can do so by clicking here.  

All proper safety health protocols will be followed.  

Rebecca Brae has lived in Cochrane for the past eight years and has been seriously writing for about 12 years.