The Town of Cochrane is taking a unique approach on educating the public about the upcoming organics program.

'Dreaming Alberta' is a theatrical play featuring four Cochranites with diverse ethnic backgrounds coming together to rescue a girl in the forest.

Daunia Del Ben, Playwright/ Director of Dreaming Alberta, says the story brings together 4 people; a First Nations Elder, a francophone Alberta lady, a young cowboy, and a Filipino girl who meet in the forest because of a dream to rescue a girl who is in danger. The dream brings them all together in a particular place, and through conversation and vision they are able to solve the mystery.

"It is very magical, there are different cultures meeting for the first time but they represent all the cultures in Canada but also in Cochrane."

This is not the first time Del Ben has created a play to bring environmental awareness.

"I started in Europe, I wrote similar plays about recycling in Italy. When I moved to Canada, I moved to Edmonton; I went to University and got my masters in drama at U of A. I wrote some plays for a specialty company with a compost side."

When Del Ben heard that Cochrane was getting ready to launch the curbside organic program, she offered her services to help communicate the message  to the public in a different, unique way by offering a more heartwarming, human approach than written literature.

"It is a very technical subject in a magical place involving people and really touching their hearts. If you can transform a difficult, technical concept in a story you can communicate in another way."

Del Ben is putting a call out for local performers with hopefully a theatrical background.

"The play has five characters; a beautiful girl, we have an Elder, a young cowboy, a Franc- Albertan lady, and a Filipino girl."

Auditions are being held on November 30, from 6- 9pm at the newly renovated ClubHouse.

"I will have people coming to the audition to present an excerpt from a play, or to read a poem, or to present a monologue, and to sing a song. During the play we will have two songs. On top of that they will read some excerpts from the actual play, Dreaming Alberta."

If you are interested in being a part of this unique concept Del Ben invites you to send a head shot to and she will email back an excerpt for actors to prepare.

Del Ben believes this is the first time a theatrical concept has been used by a municipality to communicate a technical subject matter. 

Dreaming Alberta will be a free play offered to Cochranites from April 10-13, 2017.