Csenia Irvin, Clay Grattidge, and Caden Jones medalled at the Athletics Alberta Indoor Provincial Track and Field Championships held at the Butterdome in Edmonton on Mar. 4 and 5.

Many other members of the Cochrane Endurance Project (CEPR) recorded personal bests (PBs) and some were competing at the indoor provincials for the first time.

Csenia Irvin, 16, was a double silver medalist in the U18 women's 1,000m and 1,500m races, recording indoor PBs in both.

"It was pretty cool," says Irvin. "It's especially nice to see some improvements from last year to this year. Having these medals is pretty exciting."

In her first indoor provincials last year, she ran personal bests in both the 1,000m and 1,500m and placed ninth in both.

She says she's a little more experience and a bit more comfortable competing this time around. Some of this she attributes to refining her training methods over the last year.

"I have set standards for myself, so I see where my times are now and I'm working to improve upon them. I now know the girls I'm racing, so it's a little bit competitive. That part is a little bit more nerve-wracking, I guess."

She's fired up for the outdoor season that opens in May. She competes for both Cochrane High and the endurance project.

"I love being out on the track, especially the Foothills track, and just the whole competitive aspect, too. I'm really excited for it to start and see where I can go."

Clay GrattidgeClay Grattidge won a silver in the U20men's 600m. (Photo/Travis Cummings)

Clay Grattidge, 17, put together a great weekend, winning silver in the U20 men's 600m. He also contested the 300m and 1,000m races. 

Grattidge says he was fairly satisfied with his results but strives to do better.

"For the start of the season and only training about once a week right now, I'm satisfied with how I did. I think that it was just really important to get some competition, get into the groove of things, and get that experience."

Grattidge is graduating from Cochrane High this June and he's being scouted by post-secondary institutions. He's been in discussions with three and believes he's made up his mind about where he wants to go.

"By competing at these events, they were able to look and see if I would be a valuable asset to their team."

Weighing heavily into the conversation is making sure the institution will allow him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Like Irvin, he's looking forward to the upcoming outdoor season and hopes to break some times while competing for Cochrane High. 

Caden Jones won a bronze medal in the U18 men's 1,500m with his personal best time and also contested the 1,000m. 

CEPR head coach Travis Cummings says the club experienced some tough lessons, but there were also great successes. Some were competing indoors for the first time, while several others had moved up an age group since last year.

Saturday, the results were all over the place, he says, something he attributes to nerves and adjusting to the older age groups.

"Then Sunday, they came back and really got the job done. It was pretty cool to see. There was a lot of learning that was done from just Saturday to Sunday."

In his first U18 competition, Raimo Sollitt ran the 3,000m and 1,500m. Avlea Irvin, Csenia's younger sister, participated in her first-ever indoor competition, running in the U16 2,000m and 1,200m.

Sarah Beer competed in the U20 200m, 300m, and 600m, ending her weekend with a PB in the 200m. Ellie Barlow also raced in her first U18 age class competition, competed in the 3,000m and 1,500m, and ended her weekend with a big PB in the 1,500m.

The team will now transition and rest for a week, then prepare for the Moonlight Run in Lethbridge on Mar. 18. Cummings says this annual team event is a club favourite.

The outdoor track season opens the first week of May. Cummings says they welcome more members.

For more information on the endurance project or to join, message the club here