This Friday, April 15 is the deadline for Grade 12 graduation banquet tickets for both Bow Valley High School and Cochrane High School. 

Lisa Hyde, a member of the planning committee, says that tickets are going well but there is a need for a final push to get tickets sold by the deadline to go ahead with and run the events.  

Hyde says, “There is a certain budget that we need to meet for the catering and the hire of the event the curling centre. It’s a large event, so if we don’t sell the amount of tickets that we need to sell it looks like they may not go ahead.” 

Hyde says they are also reaching out to local businesses to solicit some sponsorship so that if they don’t sell the target number of tickets then donations may be the way forward. 

The organizing committee is very grateful to the Cochrane Activettes who have shown their support by subsidizing each graduate’s ticket, by donating $10 to each grad ticket.

The cost for the grad student’s ticket is $70 and additional tickets are $80 per person. 

Tickets can be purchased through each high school's Facebook page: 

Facebook at CHS Grad 2022. 

Facebook page BVHS 2022 Graduation  

For more information email