Running is a great way to get in shape and spend time outdoors, but where do you start? 

Pete McBreen from Red Rock Runners Cochrane says the key to success is to start slow. “The key thing is, don't run too fast. When people are starting out, if they run 1k and don't stop the entire distance, it doesn't matter if it takes 'em 15 minutes to do 1K.”

“Most people don't believe that people will try and run the six-minute kilometre, then five lampposts in, they have to stop to walk. Then the next day they feel as stiff as a board, and they decide they don't like running. So no, when you're starting out you have to run real slow.”

When it comes to running, you really have to give your body time to grow and get used to the sport.

“The other challenge is when you're about six or eight weeks in, your heart and lungs are in great shape. Your joints aren't. So typically what happens is people start feeling good, They can run further and faster, but their joints, their ankles the knees, hips, whatever aren't used to the pounding. And because muscles grow and get fit up, way, way faster than joints do.”

When it comes to running here in Cochrane, he says that you should never have to worry about driving somewhere to get running.

“Every place in town has got a good path. Look at say, GlenEagles, they've got a nice path around the edge, overlooking the abyss. That's a great pathway to run on if you live there.”

“You can't be more than 200 meters from a path anywhere in Cochrane.”

Training here in town does have its advantages.

“The joke we have around here is Cochrane flat. Everyone is Cochrane flat because you can't find a flat place in Cochrane. It gets you used to working on hills and when you actually go in Calgary for a race, it’s nice and easy.”

While The Red Rock Runners Cochrane is not currently offering in-person training due to COVID-19, check out their website for virtual clinics including a training plan for Footstock.