Town council candidate Todd Muir hasn't got a political agenda and believes in a no-fluff, team-oriented approach to council.

He says his state of mind would be 'how would I and other residents, local business owners, etc. want council to keep our best interests in mind?'

The 20-year resident wants to offer his knowledge and experience of working with municipal capital projects, contractors, and developers.

Muir is a senior management professional and past consultant, whose specialties include helping organizations, corporations, and municipalities improve their service delivery.

Besides expert knowledge on municipal policies, acts, bylaws, and financial management, he has assisted with crime prevention, health, emergency services, homelessness, social services initiatives, and says he definitely understands the need for affordable housing.

His family chose Cochrane as their home when he accepted a position as manager of the Canada Olympic Park, where he played a role in the development of the Canadian Centre of Sport Excellence.

"We've watched Cochrane bloom in the different areas, and I'm fine with most of the stuff I've seen. I'd just like to see the development not take away from the uniqueness of Cochrane and not change the flavour that we see in the town."

"It's got the Western culture and a little flair. It's a beautiful little place, but if you let it get away from itself, you could lose that."

While Muir did register as a candidate early, he's not about to launch his full campaign quite yet. He's recently established a website and Facebook page and welcomes people to contact him.

"You're not going to see me unroll much in terms of a campaign until the fall."

Muir is the fourth candidate declared for the Oct.18 municipal election.