CochraneNow and Cochrane McDonald’s has a total blast every Wednesday going around town and treating local businesses with hot McCafe coffee and warm treats for the McCafe Coffee Break. 

This week we came to the newly reopened Tommy Gun's Cochrane. The team was very busy at work fixing Cochranites home-made hairstyles and long, unkempt manes. The fresh McCafe coffee will go a long way in helping them keep up with demand. 

Tommy Gun's Cochrane was nominated here and this week a coworker was who submitted this lovely nomination. "TGs just opened their doors on Thursday and we’ve been slammed! We are running at half capacity and my amazing coworkers have been working their butts off to get as many people in as we can! I’m so proud of the team I work with and want them to feel some wicked appreciation and they could sure use this break!"

Next week, CochraneNow and Cochrane McDonald’s will be doing it all over again! Nomination a hard-working local business here for the McCafe Coffee Break.