If you haven't noticed it's pretty hot here in Cochrane, and with summer only around its halfway point, there's still a lot of 30 degree weather left to suffer through. So, with everyone's well-being in mind I've decided to compile a list of the best (cheap) ways to beat the heat for the rest of the summer.


5. Go to the Cochrane Public Library

Why would you sweat it out in your own extremely hot house when you could be enjoying a chapter of War and Peace in the nicely air conditioned Cochrane Public Library. It only cost's $20 for a card and your kids will get in for free. They even have a summer reading club for your little ones!


4. Freeze your pillow case

I can't be the only one who flips their pillow on to the cooler side right before I fall asleep... right? Anyways that can be hard to do when you're trying to fall asleep but it's still 20+ degrees outside, making both sides of the pillow warm. A good way to avoid this conundrum is to stick your pillow cases into the freezer for a bit to cool them off, After that it's a nice good nights sleep for you instead of having a sweaty neck.


3. The Bow Rivers Edge Campground Splash Park

What better way to simultaneously stay cool while also tiring out your children. Later after they've passed out in bed, you can cool down with some adult beverages, and enjoy some cool alone time. Located down at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, the splash park is free to use.


2. Use the BBQ instead of the oven

Now this should go without saying but unless you want your kitchen to feel like the Amazon Rainforest, I would strongly suggest that you use the BBQ for your supper cooking. Besides what would summer be without barbequing burgers in an apron that says "The Grillfather".


1. Dump the duvet for a sheet

Now I am firmly planted in the camp of always having a throw sheet under my duvet/ comforter, but I also know from listening to 91.5 FM CochraneNow that some people despise the throw sheet... admittedly I was once that way too, until I grew up and learned that flexibility is everything when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. If I'm too hot then I simply remove the duvet from the equation, if I'm too cold then I add it, and if I'm somewhere in between then I throw the sheet, hence the name throw sheet. The point is no one likes to be a sweaty mess while they're trying to fall asleep, investing in a throw sheet can help fix that.


There you have it, five ways to beat the heat this summer. If you have any other ways to stay cool this summer be sure to let us know on Facebook!

-Connor the Intern