Every year it is one of the most anticipated government announcements, the top baby names in the province.

The list is out for 2022 and Olivia remains the top name for girls in the province for a record 10th year in a row. Sophia, Emma, Amelia, and Harper rounded out the top five for girls’ names. Harper moved up six spots after placing 11th the previous year. The comeback kid, Lily, moved up eight spots to get back into the top 10 after missing out in 2021. 

For the boys, for a fourth year in a row, Noah takes the number one spot. Liam, Theodore, Oliver, and Jack joined Noah as the top five boys’ names in the province. After a three-year absence, James returned to the top 10. Lucas also returned to the top 10, after missing out in 2021.

There were 48,225 births registered in Alberta in 2022. The boys numbered 24,781 and the girls 23,437. There were seven births where the sex of the baby was not revealed. there were 12,966 different names registered in 2022.

Some popular names reflect places like Brooklyn, Georgia, and London.

Others saluted animals like Wren, Bear, and Fox.

Religious figures were noted with names like Muhammad, Adam, and Noah.

Mythology was represented by Penelope, Apollo, and Phoenix. 

Plant lovers liked the names Juniper, Daisy, Violet, Lily, Willow, Hazel, and Ivy. 

Music enthusiasts considered Prince, Lennon, and Presley. 

Of course, the seasons were represented with Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

From the world of sports, Beckham and Evander, and from pop culture Casey and Maverick.