The Town of Cochrane has closed all public playground structures as a further measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That includes Cochrane's disc golf course.

Pathways, off-leash parks, and other open spaces all remain open. While utilizing them, people are asked to follow physical distancing guidelines.

Mayor Jeff Genung says the warm weather has people itching to get outside with their kids. Unfortunately, playground equipment could lead to the further spread of the coronavirus.

"Officials have identified it may not be the safest practice to have kids transferring potential virus to playground structures and other kids, and then take them home," says Mayor Genung.

"We feel it's the best interest of our residents to close down the parks as an extra precautionary measure at this point."

Schools have also closed their playground structures.

"It's the structures we're mostly concerned about. We 're not discouraging people from going outside. We want people to be healthy and take advantage of our pathways and the warm weather to get out and get the blood pumping, and wave to their neighbours."