The town has until Oct. 1 to select a project that fits the criteria to take advantage of $3,480,131 in municipal stimulus funding from the Alberta government..

Mayor Jeff Genung says the administration is examining what projects meet the criteria for this one-time special funding allocation. They had originally proposed three projects for consideration by the province, but the funding model has been changed.

Now the town is looking at it in a different light.

"We're looking at that internally, what projects still fit. Most likely all of the projects we submitted would be eligible but strategically now, what is it now that fits best for our future here, and short-term."

The government changed direction on how to disperse the $500 million stimulus fund to Alberta municipalities after receiving an overwhelming number of shovel-ready project proposals. They reverted to allotting the funds on a per capita basis and funneling it through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

To benefit smaller communities, they established a $50,000 minimum.

The town originally submitted three distinctly different shovel-ready projects: the innovation centre, Railway St. deep services, and wastewater twinning project to Calgary.

Projects must meet the criteria established by Alberta Municipal Affairs. It must be for projects that otherwise would not be completed and not impact local property taxes. Construction must begin in 2020-21, and the town must pledge to reducing red tape, and submit an annual red tape report. 

Eligible project categories include roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, public transit and recreation.

Rocky View County has been allocated $4,684,275 from the stimulus fund.