The town is asking the province to consider a further reopening strategy that supports the full reopening of Alberta's local economy.

The Feb. 18 letter implores Health minister Tyler Shandro and Doug Schweitzer, minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, to consider further relaxation of the COVID-19 rules.

"We believe that our local small businesses are at a breaking point for ensuring their continued survival and future success. And while we appreciate the difficult nature of the ongoing health considerations, we respectfully request that economic balance is bravely considered as we relax business lockdowns in Alberta municipalities."

It also speaks to how Cochraneites have worked collectively to flatten the curve.

"Locally, our residents and business owners have stepped up to flatten the curve and significantly reduce cases of COVID19 in our community," it states. "We believe that given the opportunity, local businesses will continue to demonstrate personal responsibility necessary to protect the health of themselves, their customers, and their business. Now is the time to allow personal responsibility and autonomous business decisions more discretion to navigate unique local health and economic landscapes."

It's a follow-through on a push by town councillor Patrick Wilson to send a letter to both show support for the province's actions to date and encourage a progressive easing of the rules.