Warm dry weather is in the forecast and it is important for residents to know and understand the four fire hazard levels the Town uses. 

Aligning with the provincial levels, the Town will advise Cochranites of the hazard levels in the following way:

  • No restriction (green)
  • Fire Advisory (yellow)
  • Fire Restriction (orange) 
  • Fire Ban (red) 

Cochrane is currently green with no restrictions, however, weather and fire hazard conditions can change rapidly.  

It is the responsibility of anyone who is planning on having a fire to know the fire hazard level in town.

It also falls upon people to manage their fire properly and extinguish the fire completely. 

A fire ban will be issued when there is an extreme fire danger and is meant to protect the community during a time of enhanced risk.

Fire ban notices will be posted on the Town website, on social media, on signs throughout the town, and on CochraneNow. 

Provincial fire ban information can be found at albertafirebans.ca.