Curious about what's going on with the traffic situation or any other construction project in Cochrane?

The town is hosting a Report to the Community tomorrow night with the purpose of answering these questions and more.

It's a Facebook live event and Mayor Jeff Genung says "You're going to hear from councillors talking about the COVID response, how Cochrane did throughout COVID, some updates on what happened over the 2020 fiscal year, a financial update and finally a bit of an update on all of the capitol projects that we're undertaking this year."

There's an opportunity for Cochranites to ask questions. 

"The most important part in my mind is there's going to be a Q&A where people can text in or message their questions or comments to council and we will answer them."

He says they planned to host this event as construction gets underway on a few major projects. 

"The timing for this was on purpose and that was all of those projects that I talked about will be underway as of this week. The three capitol projects are the protective services building and the new RCMP detachment, the transit hub downtown and then of course the 1A project which I know a lot of people are interested in and want to know where it's at and what they can expect this year."

The Report to the Community Facebook live event will go tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 p.m.